The simple answer to this question would be “Because there is no other option to get rid of the pandemic situation.”. For more than a year, the world is dealing with the pandemic situation. And it is affecting all world economically and socially. A new hybrid of the virus named Corona, known for a long time, CoV-2 (COVID-19) seriously affects all countries with a deadly and widespread infection.


There are three ways to successfully eradicate this epidemic disease. Two natural and one artificial. The first way is that the vast majority of all people living in the world, in an epidemic that lasts for years, naturally encounter the virus and form a social immunity, and eventually, the survivors gain immunity and the epidemic ends naturally, that is, the event called herd immunity takes place.


This virus, which is open to mutation as the second natural way, loses its ability to transmit from person to person or cause disease bypassing another big mutation (crossbreeding), and vanishes into history like other coronaviruses. The mutation can also show a change that can make the virus even more deadly, which then poses an (albeit very unlikely) danger of extinction for humanity. It is not even possible to predict how many years these natural events will cost humanity and the extent of the social damage it may cause. As you can see, there is currently no other method that mankind can use to end this pandemic, except the immunity that we will gain through vaccination. In other words, there is no other option but to be vaccinated.

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